Access thousands of carriers. Get the best prices.

When you integrate your Magento store with MyCCL, you gain access to the best prices from leading parcel carriers. This lets you offer your customers a range of delivery options and by processing your orders all in one place, you can also save time and focus on growing your business.

You can configure your default shipping preferences for any size of packages, use a preferred carrier if you have one, or simply pick the best price for the delivery at the point of order.

Multi carrier management. One platform.

MyCCL allows you to sync and process orders in bulk, compare delivery prices and send tracking data back to Magento.

Get all your quotes, make bookings, arrange collections, print labels and track deliveries through to proof of delivery. Analyse your shipping data, carrier performance and invoices all under one-roof. But that’s not all.

You can easily offer your customers different delivery options and benefit from our expert customer service team who will proactively monitor your shipments and resolve any problems that may arise.

Value customer experience. Deliver happiness.

Your life is much better when your customers are happy. MyCCL is designed to help you deliver happiness.

Every feature has been crafted to help you more efficiently serve your customers – you can create business rules to give them more delivery options, branded emails and SMS notifications so they know their package is coming and easily manage all customer communications in one place.

You and your team will spend less time managing deliveries, which means you can focus on growing your business.
And our people are here to help too. Our customer service team will proactively monitor deliveries and support you in any way they can. You can even access our wealth of logistics experience if you have any problems (we’ve helped lots of clients ship weird and wonderful things!).

The MyCCL Magento Extension

Download from the Magneto marketplace

No lengthy contracts No lengthy contracts

Cost & efficiency savings Cost & efficiency savings

Tailored for your business

Improved customer experience

Single dashboard to monitor all logistics

Streamlined customer service